filmaking tips

Need some filming tips?

Here are a few websites offering useful advice to novice filmmakers:

Useful  Websites

  • Adobe Youth Voices: Adobe makes grants available to youth media organizations around the world
  • Animation World Network: The website for all things animated, this source gives advice on animation and provides links to other animation websites
  • Participatory Video: Participatory Video (PV) as a tool for individuals and groups to grow in self-confidence and trust, and to build skills to act for change
  • Apple Camp: Free summer filmmaking ‘camp’ at Apple retail stores for 8-12 year olds. USA and other countries.
  • Cinema En Curs:  Cinema En Curs is a program of film schools and public institutions founded in Catalonia in 2005. The project is divided into three main areas: 1) Workshops taught by a professional team of teachers and filmmakers for pupils aged between 9 and 18 years old of diverse cultural and socioeconomic backgrounds ; 2)  Laboratory experiments, research, and web resources to work in film education; and 3) Training for teachers.
  • Cine y Salud: Tips and hints on the creation of a short film
  • Danosongs: Free music to use in your video, royalty-free (just make sure to credit the website).
  • This website explains the various kinds of equipment needed to make videos, and includes a database on grants available to filmmakers
  • This website is full of different resources on making films. There is a discussion area where specific questions can be answered by other filmmakers and the FAQ section offers useful tips on all things film-related
  • Listen Up Production Tools: Lists online resources to help with video-making including information on production, audio, animation, editing and scriptwriting
  • Make Movies: Website gives online lessons in a variety of areas from animation to scriptwriting
  • No Film School: provides regular newsletter with excellent advice on creating and producing video
  • Singapore Film Society: Grants available to citizens of Singapore to produce films
  • Smart Film School: A complete video course with 100 short video lessons that users can have on their phone. This ´film school-in-a-pocket´ empowers NGOs, schools and organizations to provide high quality video training to anyone with a smartphone.
  • Sound Files and Sound Effects: A website with many different sound effect and sound files that can be used in media production. Some of these files require the user to get the permission of the copyright holder so read the copyright notice.
  • Student Films: A website devoted to films made by youth, this part of the website lists many different resources detailing how to make movies and answering questions related to movie-making
  • provides a huge range of information and links for video making
  • Tips from the Frontlines: Educational videos for citizen reporters, giving information on how to make effective journalism
  • University of Maryland University College Information on Fair Use and Copyright Provides information on what copyright is, when permission must be granted before something is used, and when the doctrine of ‘fair use’ may apply
  • Videomaker: A guide to creating and publishing great video
  • Witness Video Advocacy Tools Provides strategies for using videos in advocacy work. The ‘Video for Change’ video is an overview of how to most effectively use video media in advocating for human rights – it is available in English, French and Spanish
  • Witness Video Technical Tools Provides information on using technical tools in the making of videos.
  • a European network for the promotion of diversity in the media and digital literacy for minority groups, providing online courses on media production