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People and the planet | Sustainable energy | Impact of water | Seas and oceans | Forests for life

The Shivdasani prize for people and the planet

If our planet is to survive intact we must marry human demands – food, health and employment – with the essential demands of our natural environment. Any solutions to improve people’s lives must not degrade our environment, or the solutions will ultimately collapse.  In the same way, if we try to protect nature and animals but ignore humans, communities will find a way around the conservation rules and destroy the environment in order to survive. Films in this category will address some or all of the following questions:

  • How can people pursue and enhance their livelihoods and not destroy the environment in the process?
  • What are the dangers of putting people first – but ignoring nature and animals?
  • What are the dangers of putting nature and animals first – but ignoring people?

WINNER: ‘The Unsettled Pygmies’ – Daniel Sayit, Uganda


Green Economy: powering climate solutions prize for sustainable energy

2012 has been designated the International Year for Sustainable Energy for All.  It is also the year of The United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development or Rio+20.  Energy makes the world go around.  But is the energy we are using the right kind?  Most of our energy, like coal or gas, comes from fossil fuels. The emissions that come from using fossil fuels to generate power are changing the earth’s climate.  We have to switch to sustainable energy – driven by the wind or the sun, or biofuels – and we have to switch now!  What makes energy sustainable?  What can we do, as we move towards Rio+20, to make sustainable energy everyone’s first choice?  The energy we chose must provide us with most of our needs but not damage the earth. Films in this category will address some or all of the following:

  • How can we persuade countries to generate more power using renewable energy, and more people to use renewable energy?
  • How can we be more efficient in using energy in our homes, offices, cars?
  • How can we show that it is about more than energy, and that energy from fossil fuels is damaging the planet and our communities?
  • Can you see the signs of the green energy revolution in your country or community? What made this possible?

WINNER: ‘Recharge; – Sabika Muzaffar, India


The EBRD prize for the impact of water

This category is only open to citizens of the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development’s member states

Water is essential for life but many people have to do without regular supplies of clean running water. Climate change is impacting on the amount of available water to people.  It is an issue throughout central and eastern Europe, central Asia through to Egypt and Tunisia. Sometimes there’s too much water and often too little. Water can change lives and improve health. The impact is huge. Films in this category will address some or all of the following questions:

  • How can water transform lives in the EBRD region?
  • What are the dangers of living without clean, running water?
  • How is climate change affecting people’s lives in the EBRD region?

WINNER: ‘Drops of Hope’ – Inès Chaâlala and Savis Joze Sadeghian, Tunisia


The Lighthouse Foundation prize for the seas and oceans

Earth’s oceans are what give our planet its identity – the blue planet, the watery globe. They support the greatest variety of life we know. They are an irreplaceable source of food, and the engine of the earth’s climate. The oceans determine the nature and quality of life on Planet Earth – far beyond their coastlines. But the Oceans are under threat from human pressures: over-fishing, pollution, building development on our coastlines and temperature change. Films in this category will address some or all of the following questions:

  • Is there a future where the humans can live in harmony with the oceans?
  • We cannot strip the oceans of their wildlife and expect them to go forever. Do the oceans belong to people or wildlife?
  • Can we live without fish?

WINNER: ‘Do Not Throw Trash in the Bay’ – Branson Laszlo. USA


WWF-UK’s forests for life prize

We cannot protect species without protecting their habitat. Forests contain as much as 90% of the world’s land-living animal and plant life. They provide food, shelter and fuel – essential for the 1.2 billion people who live in extreme poverty around the world. And forests look after our planet by protecting the climate, water supplies and the soil. But only half of our original forest cover remains and, of that, only one-tenth is protected. Films in this category will address these or similar questions:

  • What does a tree/forest mean to you?
  • What is special about your forest or a tree you know?
  • What do forests mean to people and wildlife in forests around the world?
  • Why and how should we help protect them?

WINNER: ‘Dogs Need Trees Too’ – David Murray, Ireland

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