tvebiomovies 2014

Renewable energy | Bamboo and rattan | World with a future

The EBRD renewable energy prize

This category is only open to citizens of the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development’s member states

Many countries want to use energy more efficiently and improve the security of their energy supplies. Helping to do this is an important part of the EBRD’s mission. Renewable energy plays a big role in our approach. In recent years, we have significantly increased our financing for wind projects, hydro power, biomass and solar energy in the countries where we invest. It is contributing to the reduction of CO2 emissions in the power sector – lowering the impact on our environment. It is an issue which affects us all.

Films in this category will imaginatively address the question:

  • What does renewable energy mean to you and how can it help the world?

WINNER: ‘Greed’ – Huseyn Qulamov , Azerbaijan

FINALIST: “The heartbeat of the ocean” –  Chile and Mexico

FINALIST: ‘Green Hope’ – Bulgaria


The INBAR prize for bamboo and rattan

Bamboo and rattan are two non-timber forest products that have many benefits and values, but these are not universally recognised. Both plants are very important for the lives of local people in Asia, Africa and Latin America, but they also play other roles. Giant pandas in China, mountain gorillas in the Ruwenzori Mountains and bamboo lemurs in Madagascar all depend on bamboo. Rattan and bamboo can help to restore degraded lands and make them productive again. Both plants absorb CO2, and play a role in climate change mitigation. And they are the raw material for furniture, construction materials, textiles, food, pulp and paper. Why do we not talk about these benefits more often?

Films in this category will address the following questions:

  • Is bamboo the construction material for the 21st century?
  • Why should you buy bamboo and rattan products? What can you do with it?
  • How can bamboo help to restore degraded lands?

WINNER: ‘Life without Bam Boon’ – Sudan Bhandari and Mohan Khanal, Nepal

FINALIST: “Bamboo’s Dream” – Colombia

FINALIST: ‘Bamboo to the rescue’ – Zimbabwe


The WWF-UK prize for a world with a future

Across the globe, vulnerable habitats and endangered species need protection more than ever before. People are using more natural resources than our planet can replace. And the threat posed by climate change continues to grow. We’re facing widespread wildlife extinction and the breakdown of our most important natural systems – unless we urgently work together for change. To stop the degradation of the planet’s natural environment, and build a future in which people live in harmony with nature, we need to communicate the beauty of species, as well as forests, oceans and other habitats. And we need to champion ways of living more sustainably.

Around the world, people are protecting forests from the many threats they face, campaigning for more marine protect areas, guarding vulnerable species from poachers and taking local action to safeguard the things that are precious to them. Every action that helps to protect our world is worth celebrating. Let’s focus the world’s attention on our amazing planet, and the urgent need to protect it.

Films in this category will address the following questions:

  • What does our world mean to you? And why is it worth protecting?
  • We all have a part to play in looking after our planet. What’s yours?
  • Who or what inspires you to protect nature?

WINNER: ‘Save Some for the Children’ – Eric Opu, Finland

FINALIST: ‘Love Inspires’ – India

FINALIST: ‘Be the Hero’ – USA

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